e-Commerce service made for humans — Shoperb

Shoperb is the last e-Commerce service that you probably ever need for your business.
Easy to use, yet powerful platform to power the next generation of e-Commerce sites.

No bullshit e-Commerce platform

Shoperb is an e-Commerce service that, for the merchant, is really easy to manage on daily basis. We are driven by a vision that a merchant should only worry about two things – having products to sell and marketing these products to their customers. Everything else should be so easy that it wouldn’t be the burden on the daily shop management tasks. In fact, managing your shop with Shoperb is so easy that you could even handle it besides a full time job.

Conquer your competition with us

We have built numerous custom e-Commerce sites for various very targeted markets. Building these specific applications has given us the insights that allow us to better understand the e-Commerce dynamics and act well on it.

With that experience in mind we decided that there are a lot of businesses that would benefit hugely from an e-Commerce service that would get them up and running in weeks instead of months of custom development.

Even better, instead of spending thousands of euros to develop their e-Commerse sites or suffer from the awful user interfaces/user experience that they get from most open source e-Commerce products, Shoperb is a modestly priced service with a nice user interface and even better customer service.

e-Commerce service that doesn’t suck

One thing that we love is delivering actual value to our customers. With that in mind we’ve come out with a very special offer that we know you’ll love!

  • Custom theme development with discounted rates (get 50% off)
  • Your own personal account manager to help you out when needed
  • All the other nice Shoperb features and constantly evolving product