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Farmwell MVP

Before, only the smallest farmers could sell at premium prices. Medium and larger farms were at the mercy of middlemen. They were stuck with lousy wholesale prices because farmer’s markets can’t handle volume. It’s e-commerce, CRM and logistics management software that’s custom built and custom-branded for farmers.

The War Room

The only fantasy sports site you will ever need. Millions of relevant posts aggregated into your own personalized FantasyFeed gives you an unfair advantage in your fantasy sports game.

Rails 3.1 and asset pipeline

When we heard the announcement of Ruby on Rails 3.1 RC, we agreed that we upgrade one of our internal applications and check out all of the new…

Correct PayPal IPN handling with Rails

While working with different PayPal payment APIs, I have read a lot of tutorials, library code and documentation about the given matter. While there are several quite competent…