Articles written by Tarmo Lehtpuu

Tarmo Lehtpuu

Tarmo is the swiss army knife Software Engineer. His deep knowledge on wide range of technologies makes him an efficient problem solver. In addition to Ruby on Rails, he enjoys developing iOS Apps.

Adobe Reader Protected Mode

Adobe Reader Protected mode is a new security sandbox feature in Adobe Reader 10. For Reader plugin maintainers it’s can be a huge nightmare, I just wanted to…

Proj4js, L-EST and GeoPoint

This post is about converting Estonian coordinates (L-EST 97, L-EST 92) to the common lon/lat format that probably everyone is familiar with (EPSG4326 or WGS84).

OAuth Disco – No fluff, just code

OAuth is really nice, but it can be quite confusing to get started with. If you’re the sort of person who likes to look at code instead of…