We are hiring and other news

We have been rather busy this past few months (like always) so this is just a quick note about what we’ve been up to. Briefly – we’re hiring, Shoperb is coming closer to private beta and we’ve moved to a new office.

We are hiring!

More specifically we’re looking to fill two positions in our Tallinn office. You should be awesome and down to earth kind of guy (or girl), know your stuff and be easy to talk and work with. You should be really great with Ruby (Python, PHP and Java are good starting points as well) or with HAML, SCSS and Javascript. As always, we prefer people who are comfortable in wearing multiple hats – the more you can do, the better. You will be working on various projects for our awesome clients (mostly startups around the world), as well as on our internal projects – Shoperb and Photry. Besides that, we have a lot more ideas that we want to try out and will also support you with making your ideas form into something meaningful as well.

If you’re interested in joining us or have any questions then just get in touch with me and we’ll take it from there.

Shoperb – it’s all coming together now

Lately we’ve been able to get a lot of work done on Shoperb and it’s all coming together rather well. We’re currently preparing for the launch of a highly customized Shoperb store for an online music business, which will be followed by a private beta for the platform. If you’re interested in participating, please go to www.shoperb.com and sign up for beta program. We will get in touch with you as soon as we get going with the beta. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions or thoughts about Shoperb, feel free to drop me a line.

We’ve moved to a new office

Secondly, we have moved and are now located in Delta Plaza that is just a few kilometers away from our last office in downtown Tallinn. We have been looking for a new office for quite a while and when the opportunity came, we decided quickly. About a week or two later we were already in our new office. Anyway, enough of this chit-chat – lets look at the photos.

Martin Kivi
Martin is the Founder and CEO of PerfectLine. He is passionate about front end development, user interface design and building awesome products. He will be your first point of contact here at PerfectLine.


  • Anastassia

    New office looks great!! Miss you all… and work …and illustrations!!

    • Martin Kivi

      Thanks Anastassia. We’re all waiting you to come back here too :)

  • Andrew Holt

    Do you guys happen to know the brand/name of your new desks? Really digging them.

    • Martin Kivi

      The desks and chairs both are from Herman Miller. If I can recall correctly then the desks are from their Sense product line..

      I can highly recommend their office furniture. It’s comfortable and really easy to take apart/put together when moving – just around 5 minutes per desk. On top of that they come with very lengthy warranty period, in case that matters for you.

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