Welcome aboard, Kuldar Kalvik

I’m pleased to introduce a new member to the PerfectLine team, Kuldar Kalvik, as our User Interface Designer. He’s going to bring some of that new creative air to our team that hopefully will make our apps even more awesome.

Kuldar Kalvik

His previous work experience includes a small design agency and bunch of freelance experience. Over the years he has created wonderful website, user interfaces and logo designs (and lets not forget the iOS user interfaces).

His first task at PerfectLine is to give Photry a new, better looking face. Thanks to his design and excellent collaborative skills, Photry will become better service that I hope you’ll enjoy. More about the work we’re doing with Photry in my next post.

Martin Kivi
Martin is the Founder and CEO of PerfectLine. He is passionate about front end development, user interface design and building awesome products. He will be your first point of contact here at PerfectLine.

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