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Today I would like to introduce you something that we’ve been working on for the past few months. It’s new. It’s easy to use. It’s called Shoperb and it’s probably the last e-commerce service you’ll ever need.

What kind of features can you expect?

Our goal is to make our shop accessible for everyone. Even for someone who doesn’t have lots of experience with running an online store. Essentially this means that there will be less irrelevant features and that really is a good thing. Less is more. At the same time we aim to provide enough flexibility so you could run a successful business.
Today I’ll bring out few of the features that I think will be appealing to every store owner out there. I have to note though that some of the features mentioned will be implemented in the future.

Easy Management

We think that we have built a pretty nice user interface that will help you to run your online business with little effort. If you have ever used enterprise level e-commerce solution, then you know what I’m talking about. You’ll be able to add categories and products easily – with just few clicks.

Search Engine Optimized

What happens if no-one visits your store? You’ll be out of business soon. We’ve kept SEO in mind on every minute we’ve spent on developing Shoperb. We also included some search engine optimization experts in our development process and created some of the features completely based on their suggestions. You will be able to easily manage nearly every aspect of search engine optimization on your own (with some help from us in case you need it).

Hosted service, proper security

We think that you shouldn’t be bothered with all the technical issues. That’s why we’re going to provide Shoperb as a hosted service. You just register and run your online business – we’ll worry about the hosting, technical management and security of your shop. We use encryption all along the checkout process and we won’t reveal your information to third parties.

Fully customizable

If you happen to be a web designer then you’ll love this part. You can use Shoperb to resell our services to your clients, design them a nice online store and get a paid doing that. With our white label administration interface your customers don’t even need to know that we’re behind their online business.

What’s next?

We are actively developing Shoperb and hope to come out with a beta in about a month. If you would like to keep your eye on our progress, then you should sign up for beta and follow us on Twitter. If you have anything you would like to tell us, then don’t hold back – we would love to hear your thoughts.

Martin Kivi
Martin is the Founder and CEO of PerfectLine. He is passionate about front end development, user interface design and building awesome products. He will be your first point of contact here at PerfectLine.

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