How to create a WordPress development environment on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Little while ago I bought myself a new Macbook Pro which in my opinion is just excellent piece of hardware in such a lovely case. As with any new machine I get it always takes some time to live in, setup everything you need to get going and so on. Since I’ve been a longtime Windows user I’ve really got used to the regular (at least once a year) re-installations. From that experience I’ve learned that it’s always good if you have a list of things you need to bring over, install and configure. This series of posts is bit of both – hopefully helpful resource for someone who wants to setup WordPress on their Snow Leopard machine and a reminder for myself in case I need to go through it again.

This is the first, introductory, post in the series of posts where I cover all the details that I had to go through to setup WordPress so I could start working on new themes for our customers. I wanted to use as many components as possible that come with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. More specifically Apache and PHP. For components that are not available with Mac OS X natively we’ll use Macports.

So lets dig into how to setup your system to install and run WordPress development environment in most convinent way.

[intlink id=”how-to-setup-apache-and-php-on-mac-os-x-snow-leopard” type=”post”]Setup Apache and PHP on Mac OS X Snow Leopard[/intlink]

First post in this series will explain how to setup and configure Apache and PHP on your Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation. I’ve tried to be as in depth as possible but in case I’ve forgotten something – just let me know. Read the post on [intlink id=”how-to-setup-apache-and-php-on-mac-os-x-snow-leopard” type=”post”] how to setup Apache and PHP on Mac OS X Snow Leopard[/intlink].

[intlink id=”how-to-install-mysql-on-mac-os-x-snow-leopard” type=”post”]How to install MySQL on Mac OS X Snow Leopard[/intlink]

Second post in this series covers the easy (yet sometimes tricky) ways on how to install MySQL on your Mac OS X. It’s pretty clear step-by-step guide. As always, if I’ve forgotten somethin – just let me know in the comments. Read the post on [intlink id=”how-to-install-mysql-on-mac-os-x-snow-leopard” type=”post”] how to install MySQL on Mac OS X Snow Leopard[/intlink].

Martin Kivi
Martin is the Founder and CEO of PerfectLine. He is passionate about front end development, user interface design and building awesome products. He will be your first point of contact here at PerfectLine.


  • Mark McConachie

    Did you consider using MAMP?

    • Martin Kivi

      Not really. I’ve tried WAMP, MAMP (and probably some other) a while back. Unfortunately didn’t like neither of these at that time. I guess I’m not the biggest fan of the one-click installations.

  • ninya


    i’m a mac newbie and found your posts very helpful. i’m learning a lot of things from mac!

    one question: i can’t seem to find the instructions on how to install wordpress. i’ve installed Apache, PHP and currently installing MySQL but i’m not sure how i can start my dev work on wordpress. could you point me to the right direction please?

    many thanks!

    • Peter Munch

      Hey Ninya… A little late for reply. But LYNDA has a great course on WordPress PHP coding / Widget / Plugin building.

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