Microsoft Outlook and email standards

So, as most of the people who are involved in e-mail marketing know, Microsoft uses Word rendering engine to render HTML e-mails in Outlook 2007. Even though there has been pretty big outcry for Microsoft to fix that issue, they still haven’t reacted on this and continue with this ill practice also in Outlook 2010.

The team behind Campaign Monitor who also run the Email Standards Group started a Twitter campaign to let Microsoft know that we’re not really pleased with the way how MS handles HTML emails in current and future Outlook versions.

This far, it seems like mostly designers, developers and other professionals who are involved with email marketing had made its voice heard. I think it’s time to change that. Why should you, as a paying customer for Microsoft, be pleased with how they serve you HTML emails which other people spend time to make beautiful. Let me ask you this. When was the last time you got a fancy MS Word formated (Smart Art) email from someone? Then, when was the last time you got a HTML email from someone (hopefully a nice newsletter that you’ve subscribed to?). I could bet that the last one happened just a bit ago. So make your noise heard to MS and join the Twitter campaign now.

Martin Kivi
Martin is the Founder and CEO of PerfectLine. He is passionate about front end development, user interface design and building awesome products. He will be your first point of contact here at PerfectLine.

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