PerfectLine — This Is Our Story So Far

PerfectLine was founded over a decade ago, back in January 2004, by Martin Kivi to bring together like-minded freelancers from Estonia. One of his main goals back then was to provide high quality web design and front-end development service for companies looking to create their online presence.

Fast-forward five years and we’ll find ourselves in the peak of the worldwide financial and real estate crash. That was when two extremely talented software engineers decided to join Martin to take PerfectLine from one-man freelance shop into a multi-functional software development agency that helps early stage startups to create their minimum viable products efficiently.

The future is now

Today we’re small highly efficient team that can take your idea and create a well polished product you will love. Over the years we’ve accumulated extensive experience and are now able to provide even more support and mentoring to founders we work with. We are able to take care of most sides of your startup technical needs – responsive user interface design, front-end development, Ruby on Rails development and probably anything else you may require.

Over the years our hiring practices have been very heavily influenced by the idea to hire the best people for the right positions. Being multifunctional to our smallest cell makes us stronger than the competition.

We’re here to help you. Take the first step and get in touch with us. We’ll take it from there.